Odin x Cider Puppies

Chapter II: The Birth

No big storm, no bad weather this time around. The sun was shining, everyone got to the clinic on time (well, Bridgette did -- Jamal's mom and sister made it a teeeny bit late. LOL). The babies came out lightning fast. We have one fawn boy and one fawn girl. Each were born in its own horn. The boy is 1 lb 2oz and the girl is 1 lb 6oz. They are both doing well but the boy definitely is the better nurser of the two. He seems to want to catch up with his sister fast :-) Dr. Nairn did the c-section this time around and Dr. Poremski and the vet techs worked on the puppies. As usual, they did a wonderful job and we were in and out in less than 3.5 hours. Thank you again to the wonderful doctors and staff at Century Aninal Hospital. You are the BEST!

Cider is doing well. She seems to remember motherhood because she took to the puppies immediately. She seems to have a decent amount of colostrum but her nipples this time around are HUGE and the puppies aren't wanting to latch on to the really big ones but they are doing well on the smaller ones. They nursed for a little while at the vet's before we came home and then they latched on again for about 5 minutes as soon as we got here but I guess they needed a 30 minute nap because after they woke up, they went to town on Cider.

This is going to be a long night but we're all very happy :-)


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