Odin x Cider Puppies

Chapter XI: Puppies Go Home


(from left to right) 
Ever After's Fairytale Ending  "Chloe"
Ever After's Hollywood Ending  "Canon"

The puppies went home today and it was much easier than I thought. I did choke up a little ar breakfast but to see how happy the families were to get their puppies, it really wasn't as sad as I imagined in my head to see them go. Both Chloe and Canon have the best parents in the world and that just makes me feel really good.

This was a very interesting experience overall. Whoever told me that every litter is different wasn't lying. Cider's two litters were like night and day but we made it through and even though the first 3 weeks of this litter was hard, the puppies turned out to be so easy to take care of.

Jamal's family, especially Sade, were an enormous help this time around. I am glad I got to share this experience with them even though Sade is crazy and wants to this with 9 puppies :-) I think we will be sharing Chloe and Canon stories for years to come!

I also am REALLY thankful for having the best puppy vets on the planet. The team at Century Animal Hospital went above and beyond the call of duty with this litter. From Dr. Nairn coming in at 4am to help me teach the puppies how to nurse more effectively, to the vet techs pitching in, they were so amazing. And, they were so proactive when Cider got sick, stayed late to help get her fever down, etc. I feel so lucky to have found them.

Now the puppies are both home. The puppies have been my life for the last 8 weeks and I'm now finding it a little hard trying to figure out what to do with myself :-) Cleaning might be a good start though!


Canon and His New Mom Diane
Canon Canon


Chloe and Her New Mom Teresa

Canon Canon



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