Ever After Girls

(10/31/1994 - 3/3/2006)


Gracie was my baptism by fire into the world of mastiffs.  My first dog as an adult, my first rescue, my first everything. Despite her medical and dog issues, she was still everything I wanted in a Mastiff.  I have never met any dog so in tune with my emotions and so loyal.  I will never forget the time I was very sick and she refused to leave the bed next to me.  Gracie would wait until I had to go to the bathroom to run out and do her business and would be right back up in the bed before I got back from doing mine.  She knew when I was not feeling well or sad and she always knew just the right thing to do to make me feel better. She was my soul mate, my heart, my soul and the reason I love the breed so much. 
 Gracie - we miss you so much!


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Giselle Nevada and Jamal Blackwell
Pflugerville, TX (Near Austin, TX)
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